Executive Coaching

Dear Executive

What do you get someone who has it all?

Career-wise, this is a question that may come to mind when some executives think about career coaching. “I’m in a senior position in my career and have a number of achievements, so do I really need help now?”.

Fair question?

Before I answer that, I want you to consider a sportsperson, let’s say a tennis player. Now think about a tennis player who is constantly winning; now consider whether their winning streak is based solely on what they do themselves alone? Of course not! They typically have a tennis coach to cater to their mental health, physical health, career goals – as well as their technical capabilities!
So, to answer the above question – YES we all still need help in our careers and particularly when we’re at the ‘top of our game’!!

In reality, there is ALWAYS something, you can get help with in your career…

…Whether you’re at the top of your game, reached stagnation, nearing retirement, feel as though your career is ‘at risk’, want to build or enhance your personal brand or just trying to seek a more impactful purpose, let’s say.
The truth is that we cannot expect to be at optimal places in our careers, and personal lives, if we’re not evaluating ourselves, focusing on corrective actions and outcomes, and also having the coaching discussions we may rather want to put off!
Executive coaching can be a great release to discuss your career goals and challenges in a safe environment. Executives needing or seeking coaching typically resonate with at least one of the below personas.

The Purpose Seeker

The Executive seeking more impactful in their work.

The Energy Seeker

The Executive who is at a stagnant place in their career and needs to be re-energised.

The Personal Brand Seeker

The Executive needing to create, enhance or re-create their personal brand.

The ‘Right Balance’ Seeker

The Executive seeking an optimal work life balance to manage stresses, burnout, family life and more.

The Solution Seeker

The Executive seeking help with a specific career challenge, for example, dealing with career setbacks, planning for the next role, planning for promotion, handling tough discussions and more.

Finding ‘the one’

Executive Coaching with Fully Bossed is not just about “helping to advance your career using soft skills” like our mission states. Yes, we focus on the soft skills that you need, however we go even further with our Executives with our ‘career therapy’. We recognise that the DNA and ways of working maybe well engrained in you given your experience and achievements. So sometimes it takes a certain level of probing, openness (ether about your career or personal life) to be able to help fully. All in a safe environment!
I’ve worked with over 300 senior executives across multiple sectors and four continents on their biggest project initiatives. I’ve learned a lot about how people function and why. I’ve learned how to ask the toughest of questions in a way that allows them to open up. I’m tenacious and passionate about getting results.

So how does it work?

The prerequisites …

  • It starts with honesty. First with yourself and then with me as your coach. The more open you can be, the better we can get beyond the surface level — it’s at this point I can really help you with thought provoking perspectives, corrective actions and plans.
  • You also need to be ready to commit. I work closely with all of my executives and I’m passionate about making a positive impact, respecting the uniqueness of each client; so get ready for “life changing” results as one of my executives once said!

Sounds good?

  • You’ll just need to fill in the contact form below so I can understand your background and goals. I’ll then come back to you with a quote and my availability.