Fully Bossed

From professionals wanting to get ahead in their career, or kick-start their career from the start to getting promoted at work; we’ve worked with all of these scenarios and more.

We found that, no matter which scenario was presented to us, there were common questions that would be asked… for example, what should I consider in order to advance my career? Are the goals I have actually doable? Is my brand known or strong enough? How do I articulate my unique selling point or the value I can bring? How do I get an advocate or someone to sponsor me? How can I ensure I’m able to succeed?

So, despite people having such potential or expertise in their field, we found that the ability to truly advance in your career, could be restricted based on limiting beliefs, a lack of a strong, and relatable, identity and an ability to operate effectively. We also found that this issue was compounded if you are part of an underrepresented community group, such as ethnic minorities and females.

As a young black female in business, our Founder certainly had to ask herself these questions and overcome similar challenges. Though she found that there was an instrumental difference in her outcomes when she applied 4 key things: a strong mindset, commitment to developing a killer brand, clarity and effectiveness of messaging and operational efficiency (like you wouldn’t believe).

Armed with this knowledge, being passionate about helping others and advocating for greater diversity, inclusion and belonging, it was clear to her that more had to be done to share these learnings and help unlock the full potential others have!

And just like that – Fully Bossed was born.

Fully Bossed. It is a way of being – starting with a can-do mindset, deepened by smartly taking control of your narrative and ends by orchestrating the hell out of everything. At Fully Bossed we pursue results; results that help you advance in your career no matter who you are.

We live this daily – it’s part of our DNA!

So Come and join us