Quick Fire Tips!


Whether you are going for promotion, delivering a client pitch or trying to get an audience to take action, consider these tips so that your story sells itself.


1. Write a killer headline that is irresistible. Tease and tease a bit more and encourage imagination so that your audience is eager to dive in all by themselves. If you’re going for promotion, consider the headline that makes your story stand out from the rest.


2. Leave room for imagination. At each junction of your story, consider the cliff-hanger to keep your audience entertained. Drop in questions that are thought-provoking. For example, “wouldn’t it be great if we could generate 3x year on year revenue and enhance our brand at the same time? – Let me show you how”.


3. Know the audience. If you know what they want then speak to it. Speak to what they need. Know your market, your industry, demonstrate your knowledge and value in your area.


4. Be valuable and have something that is in demand. Showcase what it is that you have that is unique and create interest where your audience comes to you. Remember that if you want someone to take off a coat you do not need to take the coat off – just turn up the heat and make them warm!


5. Let others do the talking for you. Nothing beats authentic and genuine referrals or testimonials from credible people.



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