Your network is one thing but building, growing or sustaining a relationship is a whole new ball game.


A relationship is a two-way street. Consider a relationship that you value today – it’s very likely that your strongest relationships include both sides adding value to one another. If both sides are continuously thinking about how to keep adding value, then the relationship is quite harmonious. This takes effort. Generally, we need credibility, trust, intimacy and putting the other person first, to build strong relationships.


In this blog we consider credibility and trust. So, whether you’re trying to build, grow or sustain a relationship with a s sponsor, advocate, client, consumer or other stakeholder, there are a few things you can do to nurture a stronger relationship, specifically by being seen as credible.


1. Ask Questions: when used correctly, questions can be a great way to foster curiosity. When someone feels you are curious about them, they will likely feel that you care about understanding them specifically and offering something they will find valuable. Questions also help to demonstrate your knowledge and credibility on a topic.


2. Give Reasons – The more reasons you offer to someone you are trying to build a relationship with, the more credible your message or request will seem. For example, if you are trying to offer advice and can cite credible reasoning and clear examples, they are more likely they are to accept the advice and find it credible.


3. Be Precise – When you are able to give reasons for encouraging an action, be precise. Be really clear on what your advice is for example and what the previous outcomes of others following your advice has led to. Use numbers to strengthen your precision where you can.


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