The Fully Bossed Academy

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So, you’ve tasted our Fully Bossed Blueprint and want to get really stuck into detail with us?
Or maybe you are:
  • An early career starter looking to kick start their career (0-5yrs experience)
  • A career professional looking to take their career to the next level or re-brand (5-15yrs)
  • An organisation or educational institution looking to make soft-skill learning accessible to your employees and your students

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Our academy is available online utilising our ‘on-demand’ training videos centred around our 4 pillars. You will have access to actionable guidance, exercises, templates and examples which can be applied to a multitude of career based scenarios – so click ‘book now’ – what are you waiting for!

For in person sessions please email us at with details of what you need – we would be delighted to help.

The Results We recommend you make use of all training modules for the full experience. 1 Fully Bossed Blueprint – structured soft skill framework providing you with an overview of why soft skills are important and how our 4 soft skill pillars work together 2 Skills definition list – a detailed list of the 60+ soft skills that comprise our 4 soft skill pillars 3 Specific guidance, templates and exercises that aim to aid understanding and enhance applicability of each soft skill 4 The ability to apply your learnings to a range of career developing scenarios (e.g. learning a new skill, getting hired, changing jobs, re-branding yourself, getting promoted, delivering an impactful speech, communicating effectively – and more!) 5 Strengthened mindset, brand awareness, storytelling ability and orchestration ability 6 Access to training materials for ongoing learning 7 Access to our network of bosses and career advancing newly refreshed content So what are you waiting for?! Let us show you how – do this… now! We can’t wait for you to join us.